Sportsworld Crossing

Tuesday Schedule

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Date Time AwayTeam AwayScore HomeTeam HomeScore
Tuesday April 4 6:00PM Flames Goat Busters
6:15PM Brew Jays Here 4 Beer
7:00PM Devils Dirty Mike & The Boys
7:15PM BK Bandits Meat Wallets
8:00PM Shockers Wolf Pack
8:15PM Rangers Gentlemen
9:00PM Moose Knuckles Ghost Busters
9:15PM Kentain Dog Soldiers Guelph Grinders
10:00PM Renegades Beaver Trappers
10;15PM Sex Panthers Team John Merkle
11:00PM Ryan O'Reillys Drive Thru Listowel
Tuesday April 11 6:00PM Listowel Renegades
6:15PM Sex Panthers Ryan O'Reillys Drive Thru
7:00PM Team John Merkle Kentain Dog Soldiers
7:15PM Beaver Trappers Moose Knuckles
8:00PM Guelph Grinders Gentlemen
8:15PM Ghost Busters BK Bandits
9:00PM Meat Wallets Shockers
9:15PM Wolf Pack Brew Jays
10:00PM Dirty Mike & The Boys Rangers
10;15PM Here 4 Beer Flames
11:00PM Goat Busters Devils
Tuesday April 18 6:00PM Moose Knuckles Dirty Mike & The Boys
6:15PM Meat Wallets Ghost Busters
7:00PM Beaver Trappers Guelph Grinders
7:15PM Brew Jays Flames
8:00PM Renegades Here 4 Beer
8:15PM Listowel Sex Panthers
9:00PM Rangers Goat Busters
9:15PM Devils Team John Merkle
10:00PM Gentlemen Ryan O'Reilly's Drive Thru
10;15PM Kentain Dog Soldiers Wolf Pack
11:00PM BK Bandits Shockers
Tuesday April 25 6:00PM Shockers Brew Jays
6:15PM Kentain Dog Soldiers Gentlemen
7:00PM Wolf Pack Here 4 Beer
7:15PM Goat Busters Listowel
8:00PM Ryan O'Reilly's Drive Thru Devils
8:15PM Team John Merkle Ghost Busters
9:00PM Dirty Mike & The Boys Renegades
9:15PM Flames Sex Panthers
10:00PM Guelph Grinders BK Bandits
10;15PM Rangers Beaver Trappers
11:00PM Moose Knuckles Meat Wallets
Division Split
Tuesday May 2 6:00PM